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Association of Community Ministries - Members

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Central Louisville Community Ministries
809 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Telephone: 502-587-1999
Eastern Area Community Ministries
Mailing Address: PO Box 43049, Louisville, KY 40253
Street Address: 9104 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40242
Telephone: 502-426-2824.
Web: Click here!
Fairdale Area Community Ministries
10616 W. Manslick Road
Louisville, KY 40118
Telephone: 502-367-9519

Fern Creek / Highview United Ministries
9300 Beulah Church Road
Louisville, KY 40291
Web: Click here!

Highlands Community Ministries
1228 East Breckinridge Street
Louisville, KY 40204
Telephone: 502-451-3695
Web: Click here!
Jeffersontown Area Ministries
10617 Taylorsville Rd.
Louisville, KY 40299
Telephone: 502-267-1055
Web: Click here!
Ministries United South Central Louisville
1207 Hart Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213
Telephone: 502-363-9087
Web: Click here!
St. Matthews Area Ministries
201 Biltmore Road
Louisville, KY 40207
Telephone: 502-893-0205
Web: Click here!
Shively Area Ministries
4415 Dixie Highway
Louisville, KY 40216
Telephone: 502-447-4330
Web: Click here!
South East Associated Ministries
6500 Six Mile Lane, Suite A
Louisville, KY 40218
Telephone: 502-499-9350
Web: click here!
South Louisville Community Ministries
415 1/2 W. Ashland Ave
Louisville, KY 40214
Telephone: 502-367-6445
Web: Click here!
Southwest Community Ministries
8504 Terry Road
Louisville, KY 40258
Telephone: 502-935-0310
Web: Click here!
United Crescent Hill Ministries
150 State Street
Louisville KY 40206
Telephone: 502-893-0346
Web: Click here!
West Louisville Community Minstries
3146 West Broadway
Louisville, KY 40211
Telephone: 502-409-7371

Associate Member
Sister Visitors Center
2235 West Market
Louisville, KY 40212
Telephone: 502-776-0155
Web: Click here!


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